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Pest Control 101: Various Types of Pest Control Techniques – Part 3

in Pest Control Tips 12/08/2015 | 0 Comments

‘Pests are among the greatest threats to biodiversity throughout Australia. In New South Wales, they have been identified as a threat to 657 of 945 (70%) species, populations and communities. ‘

* Department of Environment & Climate Change, NSW

Pests have negative economic, environmental and social impacts. This is why we need to learn how to get rid of pests and implement the best pest control solutions that will eliminate, manage or control the problem once and for all. In our previous article, we discussed some types of pest control techniques, such as: natural, biological and chemical. Today, let’s learn about cultural, physical and mechanical methods of office or home pest control. Read on.

Strawberry Plants In Autumn


Physical pest control technique is commonly used for crop protection. This type of control method involves attacking, removing or setting up barriers to limit pest access to crops. Some physical control techniques include: building barriers and traps, using fire and manipulating temperature to prevent pests from entering the premises and damaging the crops. An example of this is using row covers. These are transparent, flexible materials that shield plants from insects as well as protect them against the undesirable effects of wind, heat or cold.


Mechanical pest control makes use of any physical control measures, such as creating barriers, trapping pests, burning, manipulating their habitat and mulching to alter the physical environment and make it unfavourable to pests. Mechanical pest control methods involve using fire, heat and temperature to eliminate or control infestations. Fire is use to destroy the pests’ breeding grounds while heat is used to eliminate insect larvae in some types of produce. Temperature control involves using cold storage containers that lengthen the life of the produce, making them last longer.


Cultural pest control methods make use of practices that help maintain plant health as well as reduce or avoid pest problems. This type of control method involves utilising trap crops, using crop rotation and companion planting, managing irrigation, adjusting planting dates and following proper sanitation practices.

Bottom Line

There are various types of pest control methods, and understanding each one will help you better address a pest problem. We hope that by providing you with this information, we can help you find the most ideal option that will eliminate or control pests in your location successfully.

At Pioneer Pest Control, our goal is to help you avoid and control a pest problem using safe and efficient techniques. Contact our experts in pest control in Penrith and other parts of Australia for a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce and manage infestation in your area.

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