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Pest Control Solutions for Food Service Business — Part 2

in Pest Control Tips 11/03/2015 | 0 Comments

Steps to Control Rodent Infestation

A clean and sanitary restaurant provides a safe, healthy and pleasing atmosphere where your customers can dine and unwind. But the presence of rats and other pests can easily ruin the fine reputation of your restaurant.

To prevent this disaster, you should find ways to protect your restaurant. It is imperative to have the best pest control solution to manage infestations in your establishment.

In our previous article, we tackled some ways on how to manage and control cockroach infestation in your food service business. Today, we’ll provide you with pest control tips to manage and control rodents in your restaurant.

What steps or can you implement in your business to manage or control rodent infestation? Read on.


First, Look for Tell-Tale Signs

Rats bring about disease-causing bacteria and viruses that can harm the health of your customers and employees. Because of their feeding and nesting habits, they can also compromise the structure of the building. Hence, to reduce damage in your property as well as prevent the onset of diseases, you need to quickly deal with any signs of infestation. If there are any tell-tale signs of rodent infestation in your area, such as a strong ammonia smell, scrabbling noises, pellet-shaped droppings and damaged goods, seek help from a professional pest control specialist and have the problem dealt with. You can contact Pioneer Pest Control and have one of our experts in pest control in Penrith help you solve your rat or mice problem once and for all.

Next, Follow These Tips:

  •    Cut Off Food and Water Sources
    Rats often live in places where there is sufficient food supply, such as in the kitchen or dining area. One way to prevent rat infestation in your restaurant is to eliminate their water and food sources. To do this, you need to ensure that all food are placed in tightly sealed containers. Clean all areas in your restaurant and don’t forget to throw away left over food. Also, dispose of your garbage properly and make sure not to leave them overnight as this can invite rats and other pests into the building.
  • Clean Up the Space
    A cluttered space can give rats places to hide, sleep, breed and nest. Make sure to get rid of the clutter in your restaurant by removing bottles, paper bags and plastics in your kitchen, and throw them away properly. Additionally, trim tall bushes and shrubs near your restaurant premises. This way, there will be no more hiding places where rats can lurk and live.
  • Keep Them Out of the Property
    Rats can squeeze through cracks, holes and gaps in windows, doors and vents. To keep them out of your property, install steel metal kick plates on the lower exteriors of doors and windows. Seal up all holes and cracks in the foundation, walls and floors. Also cover floor drains and vents with metal screens or steel mesh. You can also make use of door sweeps to keep gaps under doors smaller, preventing the rats from entering the premises.

Whether you’re dealing with a rodent infestation or simply preventing one, learning these simple pest control methods can mean the difference between remaining rodent-free or becoming a rat-run zone.

Looking for a trusted pest control specialist in your area? Contact Pioneer Pest Control today.

As one of the leading experts specialising in pest control in Parramatta, Penrith and other parts of Australia, we can help ensure that your restaurant or food service business is protected from rats and other pests.

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