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Are You Protected From the Threat of Mozzies This Autumn?

in Pioneer Pest Control 21/06/2016 | 0 Comments

Summer is normally seen as the peak season for mosquitoes in Sydney, but even in the midst of autumn, we haven’t seen the last of these pesky creatures. And there’s not a lot worse than the horrible itch that comes with a mozzie bite – unless it’s the number of diseases that can also be a consequence.

So how can you help protect yourself and your family members from mosquito bites this autumn?

Why autumn can be a bad time of year

According to NSW Health, autumn is a peak period for mosquito-borne illnesses such as Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus to emerge.These illnesses have serious side-effects that can last for months, with symptoms including sore joints, fatigue and fever.

The Bureau of Meteorology is also predicting above average rainfall in late autumn this year, which could spell more mozzies as heavy rain provides ideal breeding conditions.

In fact, a wet start to 2015 actually resulted in a seven-fold jump in the number of cases of mosquito-borne illnesses reported in that year. NSW Health issued several warnings for people to take precautions against being bitten, to minimise the risk of contracting a virus.2016 also started off wet, and there was a very active mozzie season over summer.

How you can take precautions against being bitten

There are a number of simple home pest control measures you can take to help prevent mosquito bites.

Eliminating standing water around the home is important to stop mosquitoes breeding, so make sure there aren’t buckets collecting water in the backyard or water pooling under downpipes. Even pet bowls or pot plants with water in the bottom tray can encourage mosquitoes, and these should be emptied regularly. If you have a rainwater tank, use netting around the intake to ensure mozzies can’t get inside to breed.

Install flyscreens on all your windows, and check them for tears or other damage that can allow mosquitoes into your home.

NSW Health advises people to avoid being outside without protection, especially at sunrise and sunset when mozzies are most active. So wear clothing that covers the arms and legs, and closed shoes. Regularly applying mosquito repellent containing diethyl toluamide (DEET) or picaridin isrecommended as well.

If you have a pest problem – call in the professionals

No one wants to suffer with mosquito bites or run the risk of contracting a serious illness. Mozzie-proof your home this autumn and make sure you cover up and slap on the repellant before you go outside at dawn or dusk.

And if you’re having trouble with pests around the home, professional pest control companies can help identify breeding grounds and come up with an eradication plan.

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