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6 Critical Steps to a Successful Pest Management Plan

in Pest Control Tips 12/01/2015 | 0 Comments

Pest Management



Are you dealing with pest infestation in your business?

If you want to ensure fast elimination of a pests, Pioneer Pest Control can help you. We can provide you with an effective management solution and assist you with your pest management plan to avoid pest infestations and reduce the risk of contamination, thereby providing a safe and healthy environment for your customers, clients and employees.

To ensure a successful pest management plan, follow these six critical steps:

1.    Conduct an inspection regularly.

Scheduling a regular pest or termite inspection in Sydney or anywhere in Australia is necessary to prevent the onset of pest infestations in your business. The inspection should focus on the locations where pests are likely to appear, including food storage facilities, receiving docks, kitchen, employee break room and areas where food spills are common.

2.    Prevent the problem immediately.

The best defence against pest infestation is taking preventive measures that address small issues before they become major problems. This means performing regular maintenance and deep cleaning to keep pests from entering your premises. Make sure to clean every nook and cranny, including under your sink and behind your cooking equipment. Also, ensure that all entry points revealed during the inspection are closed by placing fly screens, installing automatic self-closing doors and sealing cracks and crevices. Aside from this, you also need to identify any potential entry points and food and water sources that might encourage pest problems.

3.    Identify the problem correctly.

Professional pest control begins with the right identification of the pest. Since different pests (e.g. rodents, insects and birds) exhibit different behaviours, identifying the type of pest can eliminate the problem efficiently. Good pest control companies like Pioneer Pest Control can offer a free identification service and quote you a price after determining the specific pest. They can also carry out a risk assessment and provide you with a report on the kind of pest, the location of the infestation and the proposed treatment plan to eliminate them without risking the health and safety of yourself, your customers and employees.

4.    Conduct an in-depth analysis efficiently.

Once you’ve properly identified the pest, figure out the underlying cause of the infestation. Is food residue or moisture accumulation the cause of the problem? How did they enter the premises, perhaps through a crack in the wall or hole in the floor? Could incoming shipments of ingredients be the source of the problem? Learning the answers to these questions will provide you with the best possible pest control solution.

5.    Choose a treatment plan wisely.

Choosing the right treatment plan is necessary to eliminate the problems of pest infestation. From using chemical treatments, to baiting and trapping, you need to make sure that your pest management program can effectively eradicate infestations without the risk to your health, non-target organisms and the environment.

6.    Monitoring your program constantly.

Pest management is an ongoing process. Hence, it is vital to monitor pest activities frequently as well as keep track of operation changes in your business to ensure that infestations will not occur or continue, thereby effectively eliminating the problem once and for all.
Bottom Line

Pest infestation will not only put your health and safety at risk, but it can also jeopardise your business. Thus, it’s imperative to have an effective pest management program by following these six critical steps in order to eliminate problems of infestations in your business.

At Pioneer Pest Control, we have a team of professionals who can fulfil all your commercial or home pest control requirements. Whether in government buildings, office spaces and schools, or restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and more, we can help you create an effective pest management program that suits your needs.

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