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Do You Need Professional Spider Control?

in Pioneer Pest Control 11/10/2016 | 0 Comments

Australia is well known for its great variety of insects, and while many are relatively harmless, spiders are one pest you definitely don’t want to mess with.

While not all spiders are poisonous, an infestation of eight legged invaders is not at the top of any household wish list, and some spiders can pose a danger to pets and the health of the family as a whole.

The occasional hairy huntsman may be part and parcel of living in a country like Australia, but there’s a big difference between the odd creepy encounter and a full-blown spider problem.

Now is a good time of year to think about spider control as the weather is getting warmer and many species of spider tend to come out around now and into homes in search of food, shelter and water.

When should you seek professional spider control?

If you have a problem with spiders it will usually be fairly apparent, as there will be a large number of them around and in your home.

Here are a few signs you may have a spider problem:

  • Large numbers of webs around the place. Try removing the webs. If they return you have confirmation that there are active spiders around. Some spiders live indoors, while others might build their webs outside on your deck, backyard and around your outdoor lighting.
  • You’ll find holes in your backyard. Not all spiders build webs. Some live in burrows and you may start to notice a number of holes around your house, often with webs inside. Unfortunately, spider burrows can indicate the presence of funnel web spiders depending on your geographic location.
  • Egg sacs. These are silken sacs that can be attached to a web, or fixed to a surface in or around your house. Egg sacs have an average of 100 eggs in them so if you come across one you can be pretty confident you’re going to see a lot more spiders soon!

There are some spider types that are more concerning than others and if you’ve noticed red back spiders or funnel webs around your home or garden, you should seek professional help immediately.

Different spider types will require different removal methods depending on whether they are a webbing spider or a crawling/hunting spider. The best pest control methods take care of the problem with minimal damage to the existing ecosystem.

Spiders often live and nest in inaccessible areas in or around the house and special equipment can be needed to fully eradicate them. A professional with specialist knowledge of the different species will also be able to provide a more targeted form of home pest control by using the most effective solution for the specific spiders you’re dealing with.

If you’re concerned about spiders and you’re looking for pest control in western Sydney or the surrounding area, give Pioneer Pest Control a call today!

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