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The All-Time Effective Weapon against Pests—Prevention

in Pest Control Tips Pioneer Pest Control 05/08/2014 | 0 Comments

You don’t want to get rid of pests inside your home. You want to PREVENT them from entering in the first place. Here at Pioneer Pest Control, we won’t get tired of saying ‘ prevention is better than cure ’ when it comes to home pest control and management. It’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible. As long as you religiously stick to important pest prevention measures, your home will stay as pest-free as possible.

Here are tips you can try to keep vermin from invading your home:

Screen your doors and windows

Whether glass or steel mesh, installing door and window screens offers a lot of benefits for your household. A fine wire mesh screen effectively blocks the entrance of small insects, at the same time improving natural lighting and ventilation in your dwelling. Screens also allow a nice view of the outside without you having to worry about bugs that may enter. Glass screens, on the other hand, are durable but they block the passage of natural air into your house. If you have enough air-conditioning at home, glass screens would be a great option for you. Moreover, installing screens also enhances privacy and security in your household.

Store leftover food properly

Leaving food out in the open for long is another invitation for pests. Store food and leftovers in the fridge, in airtight containers, or anywhere out of these vermin’s reach. As much as possible, do not let food rot inside your house. Throw away any stale food immediately.

Eliminate stagnant water and other moist areas

Remove sources of standing water both indoors and outdoors. Puddles, ponds, jars, vases, bottles, old tires and drums containing water are ideal breeding and nesting grounds for various insects, especially mosquitoes which are potential disease carriers. Standing water also attracts rodents, flies and roaches that may also carry infectious microbes. Make sure your sinks and drains are not clogged, and don’t leave wet mops or rugs hanging in utility corners. Also keep your home’s foundation as dry as possible.

Free your home from clutter

Bugs and rodents love to lodge in murky and crowded spaces. Keep your house free from heaps of soiled clothing, huddles of misplaced home items, or piles of old, unused things. It’s either you donate, sell, or throw these unused materials, or look for effective organising and storage solutions.

Observe proper waste disposal

Garbage draws the attention of pests to your home. Even if your trash bin is not yet full, make sure to empty it every day. Letting trash and litter stand for days provides an opportunity for various types of vermin to breed. Don’t forget to cover your garbage bin, and segregate your trash properly.

Regularly trim trees and shrubbery

Pests can access your home via hanging tree branches that touch your exterior walls or windows. Make sure to keep trees and shrubbery from touching any area of your house. Regularly have them trimmed. If you have a garden, keep it well-maintained. Avoid placing firewood and mulch near your house’s foundation. Keep them at least twenty feet away.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum your furniture and carpets at least once a week, especially if you have pets. Domestic animals may harbour fleas and mites into your homes. Regular vacuuming minimises the presence of insects, dusts and allergens in your home.

Inspect the exterior and interior areas of your home. Look for cracks, holes, or fissures that could be possible entry points for insects and rodents. You can cover vents with fine wire meshing. Also check for broken or leaking pipes. Have them immediately fixed by your trusted plumber. Don’t forget to cover gaps around pipe or cable entrances. Check your walls for possible defects or cracks where small bugs may enter. Make sure your roof is in optimum condition and doesn’t have leaks. Ensure that your doors and windows have tight seals. Immediately address anything that needs repair in your structure.
We hope you find the above tips useful for keeping your home pest-free. As one of the most reputable and well-established pest control companies in Australia, Pioneer Pest Control provides fast and reliable services for all your pest control needs. Your home is your haven; don’t let pests get in the way of your comfort and privacy.

For inquiries, call us now at Pioneer Pest Control. We also provide quality and comprehensive termite inspections in Sydney.

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