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How To Win The War On Ants

in Pioneer Pest Control 20/07/2016 | 0 Comments

Ants are a very common pest, and they can be a real nuisance in your home and garden. If an ant finds a food source in your home, it will organize a team of fellow ants to come and get it, and you may see an invasion arrive out of nowhere in a very short period of time.

The good news is that there are some basic home pest control measures that you can take to prevent ants from becoming a problem.

Team of ants running around the curved green blade of grass on a blue background

Team of ants running around the curved green blade of grass on a blue background

Identify the type of ant

The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of ant. For example, it can be easy to confuse ants and termites, which are a much more serious problem that requires specific treatment and control measures.

Ants commonly nest outside the home in rockeries, or under pathways or patios. Inside, their nests can be found in cavity walls or basements.

According to the University of Minnesota, ants follow the same scent trail when they move from the nest to the food source, which means it’s easy to see where they are entering the home, and they can be tracked back to the nest as well.

Keep your home clean

The first line of defense against ants is to keep your home clean. Food scraps are very attractive to ants, as they are scavengers by nature and are seeking a regular food source. Sweep up crumbs, make sure food is securely stored in containers and don’t leave dirty dishes on counters.

Eliminate water sources

Reducing moisture is also important as this can attract not only ants but other pests such as rodents. It is a good idea to ensure that leaking taps are fixed, that containers of liquid such as pet bowls are not left out, and that any issues of rising damp in the home are addressed.

Call in the professionals

There are a number of ways that reputable pest control companies can deal with ants. They can track ants back to the nest and destroy it, or lay down a chemical barrier at the point where the ants are entering your home. Baits can also be used.

A professional pest control service will also be able to identify the type of ant, and conduct a termite inspection to make sure you’re not dealing with something more serious than a garden variety ant invasion.

If you need help with home pest control in Sydney, contact us. We have had years of experience in successfully dealing with a range of household pests, including ants and termites.

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